Today we sit down with Dr. Zora DeGrandpre to discuss the upcoming vaccine clinics that are coming to Lewis County at Senior Centers. To find out more...View Details

Today we sit down with Dr. Mary Biggerstaff who is a Family Nurse Practitioner in the Thurston, Lewis, and Grays Harbor area. She also works with Bird...View Details

Today we release the final mini-series episode, I sit down to share the importance of compassion during the Holiday season. We will be taking a break ...View Details

Today we sit down with Zach Lynch from CHOICE Regional Health Network to talk about our second safe tip for the holidays. We discuss how to provide a ...View Details

Today we start a new mini series talking about safe tips for the holidays. Amanda Paschall from CHOICE Regional Health Network talks about her plans f...View Details

Thanksgiving Episode

Today I sit down to reflect on the podcast as we have been doing this for over two months! I also discuss what is ahead for the podcast and what you c...View Details

Today we sit down with Deputy Health Officer Dr. Steven Krager to discuss the COVID-19 Vaccine and why he believes it is so effective. Enjoy the episo...View Details

A new podcast video will be released tomorrow morning on our YouTube channel, to check out the new video and our channel go to CHOICE Regional Health ...View Details

Today we sit down with Katie Madinger, the Executive Director of The Olympia Free Clinic. She discusses how they serve the houseless community and how...View Details

We will have a new episode next week, in the meantime go check out the two new video interviews we posted this week on our YouTube channel. Those can ...View Details

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